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Application Hosting

Application hosting is a process where we host your applications on our servers, allowing access from anywhere in the world. This is a simple solution for companies that need a centralized server for multiple locations at a reasonable cost.
   This type of hosting with eliminate the need for IT staff at all locations and offload the IT responsibility to DSM Electronics' expert staff.  Software will no longer have to be loaded on each client just on the server which is then accessed by the clients remotely via their internet connection. Software will no longer have to  be loaded on individual client systems, only on the server. This will also simplify updates and changes to the hosted applications since it only exists in a single location. The increasing cost of a powerful network server and the cost of maintenance and upkeep will no longer be an issue. The cost is wrapped up into an affordable monthly fee, which also can include the hosting of your current website (optional), which also can be a substantial saving in itself.

For example:
    Your company has an accounting package that is used for multiple offices located in California, New York, and Italy. Currently all offices are running a copy of the accounting software that is accessed by at least 3 users in each location. Each month a report is sent to the home office via mail or email reporting on the financial status of the other two locations. Then the accountant at the home office has to re-enter the received data in their copy of the accounting system in order to keep track of money, stock, and taxes payable. It would be easy and time saving to just have a centralized server with the accounting package that all can access and enter data only once. This will allow reports to be generated at any time and at any location without having your company's effort repeated.
    Since the server is housed in our secure facility it is safe from damage and hackers. With a 24/7 monitoring system and generator power backup. Data is stored in several types of medium in order to safeguard against corruption and loss. This will eliminate the cost of network outage, onsite IT costs, and a great savings in server costs and maintenance.


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