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File permission rights

CACLS c:\docs\work /E /T /C /G "FinanceUsers":F

“Cacls.exe” is a good command line tool to modify your share folder permission and it’s built-in tool in Windows 2008R2 server.

We use the command line format as “cacls c:\public\profile /t /e /c /r “Authenticated Users” to revoke “Authenticated Users” permission. Please attention to modify “c:\public\profile” to your server folder path.

The argument interpretation:
/T Change ACLs of files in the current directory and all subdirectories
/E Edit ACL instead of replacing it
/C Continue on access denied errors
/R Revoke specified user’s access rights

For more information please type “cacls /?” on your command line or refer to following MS articles:

Undocumented CACLS: Group Permissions Capabilities


Using the /E Option With CACLS.EXE


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