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Other Helpful Links
Windows Fixit Portal: Microsoft Fix it Center makes getting support easier than ever.
Manufacturer's Drivers: This is a quick link to the manufactures of Computers, Motherboard, Peripherals, and more
Product Solution Center: find answers for Microsoft's products in their Product solution center.

Microsoft Office 2007 Product Comparison Chart

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Comparison Chart

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Download Page (Key Required)
Fix EXE association
Drive Diagnostic site links
UAC Steps in Vista
Disabling UAC Step-By-Step
File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista
HP Service Pack 3 update error
Add text to taskbar
Remove IE BHO
Turn on and off printing notification for XP and Server
Blackberry 8800 Soft and Hard Reset
Decrease the start-up time for XP to boot up
Editing Boot.ini
TCP/IP Ports
D & T
Intel Processor Chart
AMD Processor Chart
Driver Links

Helpful Links
  1. Symantec Fix and install Link Page - help with Symantec products.
  2. Norton Antivirus latest version link
  3. Norton Internet Securities latest version link
  4. Norton 360 latest version link
  5. MacAfee download page
  6. McAfee Stinger - download the latest Stinger virus check and removal tool
  7. VClean - virus cleaner from Grisoft, makers of AVG
  8. NoAdware*
  9. Spybot
  10. Spyhunter*
  11. Spydoctor*
  12. Xoftspy*
  13. Windows Update
  14. Internet Explorer 6.1 Install-update
  15. Internet Explorer 7.0 Install page
  16. IE 7 Add-ins - For IE7 only
  17. Microsoft's Download Center
  18. McAfee Removal Tools
  19. Care One Safety Scan
  20. AVG Free Version
  21. APC battery replacement Guide
  22. Hijackthis - utility that shows startup programs and more, allows you to remove them.
  23. XP Winsock Fix - repairs hijacked network connection and resets host file.
  24. XP Password Cache in Domain - adjust password cache on an XP machine.
  25. Turn ReadyBoost on or off for a storage device, Vista
  26. Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs, and replace product manuals

* Must be purchased to remove spyware

Folder Locations:

1. Quick Launch Windows 7
2. Download Windows XP Mode with Virtual PC
3. Fix Installer

Operating System / Server Stuff

  1. Server Download Page
  2. Server/workstation auto login
  3. 2008 Server - Change Password Policy
  4. Using ESEUTIL to recover and repair 2003 Exchange databases
    with dirty shutdown state
  5. Change Fold / File Permissions in 2008, one step
  6. Take ownership of a file or a folder in Windows XP
  7. Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe)
  8. Description of the Windows File Protection feature
  9. Fix 2000, XP, and 2003 registry permissions (subinacl)
  10. Fix Master Boot Record in Vista or Windows 7
  11. Fix a Corrupt User Profile

Tools & Repairs

  1. Reset TCP/IP Manually
  2. CD-ROM drive can not longer be seen in 'My Computer'
  3. Space in 'Add or Remove Programs' after installing Auto CAD
  4. Enable or Disable the Num Lock key at startup
  5. Turn On and Use On-Screen Keyboard
  6. Remove BIOS / CMOS Password
  7. RAID levels explained
  8. Manually Print HP PSC 1200 Series Alignment Page
  9. Remove Antivirus and Firewall reporting in Security Center
  10. Unhide due to Virus

Restore systems to Factory Default:

  1. Acer: Hold Alt while Tapping F10 (This may need to be done with tapping both simultaneously or Holding both down on start up)
  2. Asus: F9 and follow prompts
  3. Dell: "Repair your computer" - "Dell factory image OR More Options (under Dell Data Safe)" - Choose "Restore C: Drive"
  4. Gateway: F8 - "Repair your computer" -"Recovery Management"
  5. Hannspree: F3 then click Start
  6. HP: F11 - Under I need help immediately-Recovery manager-follow prompts
  7. Lenovo: ?o On start up (This is a key on the keyboard either located in the upper right or left of the keyboard
  8. Samsung: F4 - Follow prompts (recovery, then Restore-complete restore)
  9. Sony: F10 Vaio Care Rescue-Recovery Wizard- (you can skip rescue which is a data backup utility)
  10. Toshiba: (Hold) 0-Toshiba Factory Recovery Wizard-Out of box State. OR F8 and choose "Repair your computer"
  11. ZT Systems: F8 - "Repair your computer"

Cell Phones:

1. BlackBerry™ Email System Requirements for Verizon

Cable Interface Guide:

1. Western Digital Cable Interface Guide

Email Providers:

1. GoDaddy Email port setup
2. Frontier Email setup
     SMTP Authentication
     Mail servers
     DNS Servers
     Wireless Hot spots

CISCO Products:

1. CISCO PIX© 501 Firewall

Saving email:

1. Outlook Express
2. Outlook
3. Outlook 2007
4. Windows Mail - Vista
5. Windows Live Mail - Windows 7

 Remove and/or Replace OEM Branding in Vista:

1. Performance Information and Tools Screen
2. Welcome Screen Logo

Update links for XP installation

Restoring Windows Boot Loader Manually


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