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Web Hosting

DSM Electronics' Web Hosting services have unmatched performance. All sites are hosted on IBM Netfinity and Blade Servers running a wide range of operating systems. All servers are backed-up and redundant to ensure uninterruptable service. Our 100% headroom bandwidth guarantee means your customers will always have the full capacity to download your information. Multiple backbones allow data to be routed the fastest route possible between the web servers and the remote client. Redundant generator systems are on standby to guarantee that your Web site will be delivered in the event of a crisis.

Domain Name Registration

Registering your domain name through DSM allows you to customize your e-mail address with your domain name. So instead of your e-mail address being yourname@your-provider.com, your e-mail can be handled as yourname@yourcompany.com. Registering a domain name is strongly recommended to have a routable, dedicated connection to the Internet.

Secure Commerce

DSM's secure servers lets you handle customers' personal information with the security of RSA encryption, the standard encryption used over the Internet. With this capability, you can have scripts gather orders and process information without exposing potential customers to the dangers of the insecure World Wide Web. If you plan to handle credit cards or Social Security numbers, DSM definitely recommends that you use our secure server to protect that information.

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