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Website Basics: 1,2, & 3 

  1. Domain Name: you will first need a domain name; such as ‘msn.com’. Your domain name could be your company name, abbreviation of the name, or a descriptions of you business – like ‘wagonwheels.com’. You have to register your domain name with a domain registration company; this allows only you to have this domain name and also to see if the name is actually available to register. The registration companies keep track of domain name so that it eliminates duplicates or already taken domain names. The cost per year varies from $9 to $100 depending on what the extension is like .com, .net, .org, .tv, etc. In some cases you may want to register a number of variations of your domain name; like wagonwheels.com, wagonwheels.net, wagonwheels.tv – by doing this you make sure someone else does not have the same name, but different extension. Also the registration fee is separate from your website hosting fee and like a car registration must be maintained or you run the chance of loosing your domain name to someone else.
  2. Website Hosting: you will have to fine a company that will host your site on the internet. You have the option of hosting it from your company or home, but will need a static IP address that is directly on the internet and a system that will provide a safe and reliable way to host your site. The cost of the connection and maintenance of hosting your own website may out weight having your site hosted at a website hosting company. Basic hosting usually will cost about $10 per month; on up. Basic being an informational site, as opposed to an ecommerce site that allows users to purchase products.
  3. Website Design and Creation: You can try to design and create your own site, or use a hosting company’s already made design, or pay a website designer. The cost can run from approximately on average $400 to several thousand dollars for just the original design, and then you will have to factor in the cost of changes which are usually billed by the hour. In the case of predesigned templates, most hosting providers offer this site design at a fraction of the cost since you do most of the work – by just filling in the blanks and answering questions. This will save you cost of design, additional cost for changes, and the time it goes ‘live’ be based on how much time you spend on completing your time; which is always determined on your urgency to have it up on the Internet. The term ‘live’ means once you finish your site, check it for error and/or design issue – you have the opportunity not to allow people to view it until you determine it is done – then you make the site ‘live’; which allow people to view your site over the internet.

Estimated Costs: 

  1. Domain name(s) @ $9-$20 each per year
  2. Hosting your site @ $10 to thousands depending on the type of site
  3. Website Design @ $400 – thousands


  1. register ‘wagonwheels.com’ for 1 year $9.99
  2. informational site hosting $10/per month
  3. website design @ $400 for informational (some will include ‘self-design’ packages with the hosting cost)

@ $530 for the fist year

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