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Windows XP SR 2: provides better protection against viruses, hackers, and worms, and includes Windows Firewall, Pop-up Blocker for Internet Explorer, and the new Windows Security Center.
Internet Explorer 6 SR 1: Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 updates the Internet Explorer 6 core technologies in Windows® XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional.

DSM Electronics, Inc. is a full Service Solutions Provider

  We provide a wide rage of services from Consulting & Evaluations, General Network Support & Maintenance, Full Feature Server Design & Manufacturing , High Speed Web hosting, Web Design, Server Collocation in our state of the art facility.

Consulting & Evaluation
Our staff of certified networking engineers can examine your networking needs and provide a solution within your company's resources. We can also examine your current running network for correct configuration, operation, and general setup. Our team will provide your company with a comprehensive report of your network issues, hardware issues, connection problems, and any other issues observed with a list of comprehensive resolutions available. Suggestions for disaster recovery and implementation in case of a disaster.

General Networking
DSM can design, manufacture, wire, and configure a network for your specific needs, not a general out-of-box solution designed for everyone. We can also maintain your current network and make sure that is always up and running to provide your company with the networking support that it requires for this demanding business market place.

Technical Support
Our staff of certified professionals can provide comprehensive technical support on-site and over the phone for all of your company's IT needs. With the advent of high speed internet we now have the opportunity to provide technical assistance and support via remote access over the internet, just as if we where sitting at your company.

Network Integration
Network integration holds a wide range of definitions, with high speed internet connection integration and connectivity, to data and remote network connection. Most companies are finding that high speed internet is required for most of the basic day to day needs for operation from email to internet research. Once a solution is purchased it has to be integrated into your current network with security and comprehensive monitoring solution to track where your interests and data is traveling over the internet.
   Also high speed connectivity is opening companies up to connecting directly to their sister companies in other towns, states, and countries. We can make this connection over a secure point-to-point solution that will allow companies to share network resources and enjoy the added security of a virtual private network.
   Integration includes configuring additional hardware and networks to become part of your existing network without having to drastically change your current configuration. It was always thought that a proprietary network could not be joined to a new network and/or existing network. That is not always true if you have the experience, knowledge, and the resources available to your engineering staff. We have provided years of impossible solutions by making them possible at an affordable price.
   Software integration is another part of this process, over the years we have integrated proprietary software into networks that were thought to be incompatible. Again, this is not true if you have the in-depth knowledge that our engineers possess of the current and past workstation operating systems, server operating systems, and network protocols with a strong grasp on the latest hardware solutions available.

Internet Solutions
DSM has years of experience working with the local communication companies that provide internet assess via dial-up, ISDN, T1, ATM, DSL, and cable. Once the service has been installed we provide that integration into your current company network, whether it is installing a T1 CSU to a simple router to give your company the internet access that they require. Also providing setup of internet web servers, email servers, firewalls, and dedicated network appliances.

Hardware & Software
    We are one of the areas leading manufactures of high quality Servers and Workstations, with one of the best warrantees offered in the business. We can design, manufacture, and pre-configure your network before it is delivered on site. This saves your company time and money when considering your next networking purchase. DSM is a Microsoft OEM manufacturer, as well as a licensed solutions provider for Microsoft, Symantec, CISCO, APC, IBM, & 3COM High-End Business Products. We bring to the table 22 years of professional experience in system design.

Network Cabling
When considering wiring for your network, you should take into account that all wiring is not the same. A lot of companies, to save money, had their general contractor run network & phone cabling for them to find out after the network was install that they had used sub-standard wiring and now their network either has connection issues or is incredibly slow due to signal loss. You don't have to spend a lot to get the best quality, just consult an experienced network company like DSM to find out the right type of cabling for your specific network and data communication needs.

Wireless Networks
Larger numbers of companies are steering towards wireless networking infrastructure, and with company information that is now transmitted over long distances there is a greater need for heightened security and encryption of data. Our team of engineers can design and configure a wireless solution that can fit small company needs to a company with thousands of square feet that needs uniform and high speed connectivity. The most important part is securing the data that is transmitted and restricting who can login to your network wirelessly.
      Wireless networks also provide companies with the opportunity to connect other wireless devices without having to run bulky cabling in areas that cabling is not reachable or cost effective. Devices such as printers, security cameras, backup devices, and high speed internet connections. There are literally thousands of solutions available today that are reliable and reasonably priced.

Disaster Recovery
From workstation failure to full server and networking destruction, DSM data recovery services can recover data that was thought to be lost or destroyed during a system failure. We also help companies to form a disaster recovery plan to recreate their network in the event of a catastrophic disaster to even a simple backup plan for safe guarding company data.
     In the event of a full disaster DSM can provide new servers, workstations, and running network in 1/8 of the time that the original network was created. Most networks can be recreated within an 8 hour time frame*. Temporary faculties can be created to accommodate fire destruction and damage to networks.

* time stated is an estimate only, general size of the network, viability of backup sources, software availability, hardware availability or operating condition, company location or re-location and overall configuration will  determine actual reconstruction time.


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