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Helpful Links:
Knowledge Base: Search Microsoft's vast knowledge base of problems and solutions.
Error Messages: Use Microsoft's errors message search to see just what that error message is really saying to you
Product Solution Center: find answers for Microsoft's products in their Product solution center.
Symantec Security Scan: Scan your PC from the internet for Virus & Spyware.
Symantec Virus Removal Tools: Download the latest Symantec Virus Removal tools.
Let us help you with your computing problems..

On-Site Network Services:

DSM Electronics, Inc. will provide you with cost effective, next business day, high quality service, support and repair for desktops, laptops, Workstations & Servers - including: IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Generic / No Name Brand and more. We provide on-site services to both commercial customers, home and/or home office. Our service platform can provide on-site, fast response; IT services around the clock 24hrs a day, 7 days per week. (For after hours, weekend, or emergency service additional fees may apply)

- Overall evaluation of your current networking system.
- Suggestions based on evaluation for improvement and/or upgrades.
- repair suggestions and problem resolutions.
- integration options and redundancy elimination.
- wide range of networking options, including wireless and remote access.
- internet and intranet integration and consolidation.
- security issue identification and resolution.
Rate: $125/Hour

Repair and Problem Resolution:
- 24 hour repair availability and emergency same day service.
- 20 years of commercial data communication experience.
- latest diagnostic tools and training with certifications.
- Virus removal and elimination.
- Workstation & Server Operating System repair.
- Spyware removal, communication restoration, and OS repair.
Rate: $125/Hour

- Computer networking, cabling, setup, files & printer sharing.
- Internet integration and implementation.
- Wired & Wireless solutions, addressing security issues.
- Remote access and home office solutions.
- Repair and upgrade of your current network.
- alternatives to your current network configuration.
Rate: $125/Hour

Remote Repair: (credit card required)
via your high-speed internet connection.
- Virus removal and elimination.
- Spyware removal and elimination.
- Antivirus Installation & Repair.
- Minor OS Repairs, if possible.
Rate: $65/Hour

PC Training:
- Operating System instruction in Microsoft Windows.
- Microsoft Office Packages.
- General Internet Access and Browsing.
- Internet Setup and basic email instruction.
- General PC instruction & training
- wide range of networking, including wireless and remote access
Rate: $65/Hour

Website Design:
- Informational to E-Commerce website design.
- Current site upkeep and maintenance based on an hourly rate.
- Interactive websites.
- Internet and Intranet informational websites.
- Full Database/Information sharing design.
- Custom web based business software design.
- Active Server, HTML, and Sequel Programming.
Rate: $65/Hour


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